Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Die Heuwels Fantasties & Friends.

Park Acoustics also welcomes legendary comedians, Casper de Vries and Joey Rasdien to the Park Acoustics Comedy stage for the first time ever. They have a great music line up featuring Die Heuwels, Crimson House, George Town, Wolfgang Marrow, #SOZLOL and Little Ringo.

Pringles Main Stage

10:30 Little Ringo
11:35 Wolfgang Marrow
12:40 Georgetown
14:00 Crimson House
15:15 Die Heuwels Fantasties
16:15 #Sozlol

Sunset Comedy Stage

Casper de Vries
Joey Rasdien
Hannes Brummer

R150 Online
R175 Gate
Free for children under the age of 6 (six).

Photo by Madre Vermulen

With that said, we had a quick chat with Wolfgang Marrow…

Hi guys. Thanks for the chat. How excited are you to be part of the next Park Acoustics line-up?

We are incredibly excited to be part of the line-up, we had our 1st Park Acoustic show last year and it was one of the funniest gigs we’ve ever played! As a small town bunch, we still get overly zealous about any opportunity to play alongside the big names in the industry – we can’t help but get our groupie fan girl moves out.

What can people expect from Wolfgang Marrow at Park Acoustics?

We have all but completed our new album “Small Town Ghosts” and so we will defiantly be trying on some of our new tracks for size … there has been talk of wig shopping and carbo loading for stamina – although we have needed a reason to pig out on pasta and potato chips.

You’ve played quite a few shows around South Africa. What performance stands out for you the most? And why?

The shows we tend to enjoy the most are the ones where it’s in a small forgotten town with just a diehard few blues fans that really get and appreciate the blues, it’s probably something to do with connecting to the audience on an intimate level – but a big show is obviously a huge honour and is very healthy for us as musicians because it pushes us to fight harder and to play “bigger” for lack of a better term.

You’re busy with some new tunes. How amazing has the process been in the studio and recording?

The Studio is a dark cave where you lose grip on reality and time, your whole focus is on this strange little project that at that time only means something to you and your fellow bandmates – it’s like being a mad scientist! The feeling you get once it all starts coming together is something I don’t think I could ever explain – it’s like battling yourself for your best and still having to be brave enough to let certain ideas go if they are just not working…A process made bearable by the Brilliant humble genius Robin Fernie who has been our Mister Miyagi throughout this beautiful yet strange process. We were so focused on the aspects of the concept, the golden thread throughout the album is telling one story as a whole, and we just hope that transpires through the album once it is released.

Last question. Why should people come and check out Park Acoustics on 29 July?

Park Acoustics is a very unique event, it’s like a safe haven for music lovers under a giant tree that umbrellas all its miscreant children as they take part in debauchery and exercise their mutual love for some of South Africa’s brilliant talents – Park Acoustics 29 July 2018 has some wicked treats with big comedic acts and South Africa’s darlings Die Heuwels Fantasties , George Town is a personal favourite of us and we are always way excited to skit ‘n bogaal to #Sozlol … there is much more going on as well obviously, but I think folks should come find out for themselves – they will not be disappointed!

Cover Photo: Go Urban Photography