Now before I start this let me say this and before I get lambasted for condoning alcoholism, please read the title yet again, why everyone SHOULD ENJOY drinking. Everyone should and can enjoy it if they want to, if you don’t. Then don’t force alcohol down your throat, I know that I have been posting a lot of articles about drinking, drunken quests and all that. But it is what happens during the drinking that makes me enjoy writing about it. Some good, some bad and some fucking unbelievable things.

I have done some really fucked up shit when I have been out drinking and some of it can be referred to as unmentionable (to me in anyway) but I am all about the positive side in life, I have met many awesome and dear people while I was out on the town, some nights (That was a FUN referral, if you didn’t get it) I just can not get enough of the night and perhaps a few drinks. Sure you may not remember what happened, some parts may be blurred out, you may wake up with a slice of salami in your pants with your mom’s wedding dress stapled to the closet or wake up with a total unknown stranger drooling on your chest. It happens to be honest, looking back on just this weekend I could have ended up in another town but knew my limits and said no; mostly it was due to the fact that there was no female companions in the vehicle I was going with. I know, sad sad.

Due to having fun I encountered a lot of funny and entertaining people that I would have never met if I didn’t paint the town black (who wants to paint it red in anyway). You might argue the fact that if I didn’t drink and go out I still would have met them, no in all brutal honesty, would you travel the night train further in if it was already late and you were not having a few drinks in the tank already? Not likely and you get along better with other people when you can crack a few funny slurry jokes and not standing there like a total tool with a Red Grapetizer in your left hand and Blackberry in your other while complaining that you want to go home and tuck in cause CSI Miami is almost starting. Don’t get me started on these people. I drink not because I am sad, lonely and deprived from life, no fuck that shit. I drink because I like it and it tastes awesome! To top it all off, I am dropping in another FUN quote:

I drink a lot
I’m not sure if that’s new
But these days when I wake up from a night I forgot
I just wish that it never came true