Easter Weekend is almost upon us, and there are THREE main festivals happening this upcoming weekend! Jinne! When was the last time this happened? Thrice festivals guys, and girls! We’re heading to Otterlake as it’s ‘close by’ – anything out of Pretoria North is far, so close by is a stretch by our standards – and we dig the vibe the guys are bringing to the party.

But why Otterlake Easter Festival, you ask? Here are five reasons:

1. The other festivals are too kak-far away. I can’t drive to Cape Town for one weekend, then be expected to be prim and proper on Tuesday at the dreaded office! It won’t work. My driving will be up to shit, and don’t even get me started on THAT hangover. Otterlake is close by (refer to opening paragraph), and I prefer an hour drive over a 14 one any day of the week. PS: Plane tickets are too expensive, and not to mention the delays.

2. The word “Otter.” The word itself makes me want to submerge myself in water and laze on a green patch of grass for the duration of the weekend. The name says it all, Otter! Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter Otter. One more time, Otter! If you’re not chanting “Otter” as we speak, there’s no hope left for you. Otter… Otter.


3. Acts, much like content, is king. Acts are king at festivals. I like watching my favorite artists perform, I love watching a bucket-load of my favorite artists perform even more. The Black Cat Bones, Francois van Coke, Naming James, Feed the Wolf, Crystal Park, Monkeys in Boots etc etc. There will be a lot of great artists performing this upcoming weekend. I already have my schedule taped to the inside of my car window, (I don’t want to be the clueless oke walking around asking who’s playing) .

4. It’s for a damn good cause! A decent amount of the proceeds for Otterlake Easter Festival will be donated to help against Rhino Poaching. Poachers are from the devil, and Otterlake needs your help to fight these kalante! I love our Rhinos, and the poachers are fucking it up for everyone! Dicks! We don’t dig those okes, and neither should you. Fokken never!

5. Otterlake has one of the cheapest ticket prices for a festival of its size. It won’t set you back so much that you have to apply for a loan or donate sperm 5 times a day. NOPE! Tickets are as follows:

Weekend Pass: R370 online
(Includes access to camping (free) & festival arena for the duration of the festival.
If camping is not your thing and you want to go home every night and come back in the mornings, you can)

Day-pass – R150
(Includes access to entertainment area for one day from 10 am – 2am.)

Weekend Ticket at Gate – R400
(Includes access to free camping & festival arena for the duration of the festival. You don’t need to sleep over with a weekend ticket, you can come-and-go as you please during the 3 days)

And can be purchased right here.

If this doesn’t excite or motivate you for Otterlake Easter Festival, nothing will. Well, maybe Baas de Beer’s brilliant post he wrote a few days ago.

If you’re interested, check out the event on Facebook (they’re giving away a full weekend pass) or follow them on Twitter.

See you there!

Otterlake easter festival