Who’ll play the Joker? It’s such a sensitive subject in the world of comic book adaptations. Who would’ve thought that the Clown Prince of Crime would be such a talking point between fans and non-fans alike? The Joker is as important as The Dark Knight himself in the DC Universe. There can be no Batman if there’s no Joker. They complement each other perfectly. Heath Ledger’s Joker was the benchmark for all the on-screen villains – he was so-to-say the “perfect” villain of all time, and it would be very hard to find a better Yang to Batman’s Yin. He was so sinister in his portrayal of The Joker. He had it all: the humour, the eeriness around his persona, and that laugh… chills, people! Chills!

Now here comes the touchy part: Who could have been The Joker? There are so many actors who could try to bring The Joker to life again (sorry Heath) and start anew. Jared Leto is currently poised to be Gotham’s most feared, and we’re satisfied. We know what he can do – have you seen Dallas Buyers Club? Brilliant! Just don’t sing… ever!

Here’s a list of actors who we think can pull off the complex Joker role:

6) Sam Rockwell

"Everybody's Fine" New York Premiere

A very underrated actor in our books, Sam Rockwell, who is known to play the goofy – and sometimes hated – role in films. Remember The Green Mile and IronMan 2, an actor who we just love to hate. Can he be the Clown? We sure think so! And he also played the evil man in Charlie’s Angels. EL OH EL! Good times!

5) Adrien Brody

Adrien-Brody the joker

Adrien Brody is one brilliant actor, he has played almost every role there is. From a pianist in Warshaw, to a writer on an island with a giant ape. Brody has expressed interest in The Joker role before Ledger got the part a few years ago. Brody has the facial attributes to make The Joker his own – an actor who can fill the sinister shoes of the Prince easily.

4) Michael Fassbender

Michael-Fassbender the joker

Probably the least likely candidate to take on the role, Magneto might count against him in this regard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But who says we can’t imagine him donning the purple suit? If you’ve seen 12 Years a Slave, you would know how this man can act: he portrayed a sadistic, delusional slave-owner with such effect, that we were actually frightened at his outbursts in the film – something that the character of The Joker frequently has!

3) James Franco

james-franco-the joker

The Darkhorse amongst the rest. Forget about Spider-Man, he was forgettable as Harry Osborn. Nobody liked him in the film, a whiny (and sometimes overplayed) villain is not what the people want. But since then, Franco has redeemed himself somewhat, taking on more artistic roles and bettering his acting career. But as it stands, if Franco is on board you need to find a place for Rogen as well. You can’t split them up,while you’re at it, throw Jonah Hill in too for good measure.

2) Daniel Day-Lewis

daniel day lewis the joker

Who would not throw in the name of Daniel Day-Lewis in the hat? Such a great actor. Known to immerse himself into any given role, he has the accolades and the credentials to be The Joker, but will age count against him? Lewis isn’t a young pup anymore, but would you count him out? We wouldn’t.

1) Rhys Wakefield

Rhys Wakefield The Joker

A relatively unknown actor, but he’s our top pick! If you’ve seen The Purge, you would know what we’re talking about. He only had a few minutes screen time in the movie as “The Polite Leader”, but had everyone asking the same question: “Is he the new Joker?” He has the sinister and tormented (but polite) smile, and had that look about him, the look that tells the world that he wants to see it burn! If you disagree on our choices, take a look at these clips from The Purge:

Who do you think could pull of The Joker role perfectly?