A skateboarding dream! Skate or die! This happened; Vasquez Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, California, lifted upward. According to Gizmodo, the phenomenon, which began on November 19, has stumped pretty much everyone. Basically, it looks like it was a landslide, possibly of the progressive variety, but without an obvious trigger.

It happened along a 200-foot stretch of the road, with some sections lifting as high as 15 feet and others near vertical.

Given the road’s current state, and the fact that it’s in the Los Angeles area, people are skating it, and the photos have begun to cycle through Instagram and the like.

Let’s be honest about this, if this was in Pretoria. We would totally rip it, landslide se gat!

Check out these images from skateboarders in the area: Lekker!

One man’s landslide is another manchild’s skate spot #GnarlierThanItLooks #LooksKindaGnarTho A photo posted by Daniel Wheatley (@danielwheatley) on

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Posted by Garrett Hill on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And then the fun was spoiled…