This is a question that most of us ask ourselves quite a lot – where are all the ‘cool kids’ we were in school with? Are they still secretly smoking behind the tuck shop? Are they skipping out on their jobs like they did with their homework? And are they still considered ‘cool’ by other people?

During this past weekend, it became obvious to me that the mighty ‘cool kids’ have fallen. And man, have they fallen far. Gone are the days where they were the alpha male (or female) leaders and people to look up to. Now, most of them are much worse off than before. Dead end jobs, failed marriages, alcohol problems, and financial troubles have now replaced their hair and party problems from all those years ago.

I can’t imagine how badly it must suck to be in their shoes. Have the roles been reversed? Have we (the geeks) become the bosses of the cool kids? Do we have more fun in a single weekend than they do in a whole troublesome month? It sure fucking looks like it! Look, I’m not here to bemoan the fact that I was considered ‘uncool’ when I was in school, not at all. I was happy, and that was good enough for me. I didn’t need recognition from girls, nor did I need to be the life of the party.

Were you one of these in high school?

Were you one of these in high school?

Sadly, I also noticed that some of the ‘cool kids’ still think they have a reputation to uphold. They still feel the need to be the loudest, and attract the most attention. Why? Nobody gives a fuck if you were in the 1st rugby team in high school. In the real world, you are still the obnoxious asshole that couldn’t give a fuck about the people around him.

Times change, people change, and it’s time to get with the program. Get your head out of your asses. Be nice to people who you think ‘suck’ – you might end up asking them for a job in a few years.

I might’ve stepped on a lot of toes, but at least you still have your worn out ‘party shoes’ from high school. I’m sorry that I was a geek in school, I didn’t have a reputation to uphold, I was Ed: the skater geek. And fuck, I wouldn’t change that for the world.