This weekend like any other, I watched a lot of movies, but still had time to get the odd drink or 10 in. Never the less, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the movies involved.  I had quite a mixture of themes involved that I got through, from bad to unexpectedly entertaining. Let me start in no particular order.

Silent Hill 2 Revelation:

Silent Hill 2 Revelation

I had so much hope for this after watching the first one a few years ago; it didn’t really scare me nor had the same sinister feel. I thought it would, it did however showcase other demons that I quite liked, from a spider mannequin with loads of different heads to the much liked big guy with the triangle on his head. Oh and our beloved demon girl grew up, now a demon teenager with bad teeth. But alas, the storyline falls flat completely; it doesn’t make sense at all.  5.5/10

Crazy Stupid Love:

Crazy Stupid Love

This was the gurrrlfriend’s decision, looking past Ryan Gosling which every single female on the planet loves and his abnormal abs – the movie was quite a joy to watch. Funny, witty and a nice twist at the end, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And the awkward moments in the Crazy Stupid Love will leave you hiding your face in the blankets.  7/10


Battleship Movie

The Sunday night movie and fuck was it horrible. Never mind the big gaping holes in the storyline and the clueless Rihanna with her tough attitude in the film, the aliens are so Halo-ish. I hated it; the most enjoyable part of this whole extravaganza was probably the old timers showing the clueless Navy how shit should go down. Even that was suspicious, how were they called in so fast and another question, one of the ships crashed into Hong Kong, why didn’t it attack? All the other seemed to withstand hell, but not that one? Terrible film! 3/10

The Reaping:

The Reaping

The 10 plagues hit the small Amish-ish town of Haven in ‘MERICA! Little girl gets blamed cause she killed her bro, people of Haven in ‘MERICA get pissed off, church people get involved. Plagues kill people. The twist in the end screams a sequel that will never be made. Okay movie, not great. 5/10

Gangster Squad:

Gangster Squad

I was excited to watch it, gang wars, guns and girls…but I fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie. I can’t really review it so I can only give you a TO BE CONTINUED…


Wanderlust Film

A couple (Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd) head into troubled waters, they fight (look out for the funny car scene) and stay over at a place called Elysium, a getaway for people that are one with nature and all that. They end up staying there with hilarious consequences and a guy whose penis can not stay away from the camera. Oh and did I mention that Jennifer flashes her pixilated boobies? And be sure to watch the outtakes with Paul Rudd talking to himself in the mirror. Enjoyable and all round fun. 8/10

There you have it, my take on the different flicks I watched this weekend. I will try and keep this up whenever I feel the need to share.