What better way to celebrate this coming October’s return of “The Walking Dead” than by cooking up some dishes inspired by the hit zombie series?! Okay, so “The Walking Dead” may not exactly make you hungry very often, but what’s better than eating tasty treats while watching your favorite show?!

Set for release on October 10, Lauren Wilson’s The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide offers unique recipes and survival tips inspired by the AMC series!

“The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide details the skills and recipes anyone would need to survive (while trying to avoid being eaten!) during an unexpected walker apocalypse. The cookbook features more than sixty mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, dinner, drinks, and even dessert, including iconic meals inspired by those featured on the show, such as Carl’s Chocolate Pudding, Carol Peletier’s Cookies, and Daryl Dixon’s Deer Stew.”

The book also contains vital information on foraging, hunting wild game, and cooking outdoors to help make the transition into any emergency scenario slightly less terrifying.

Insight Editions is releasing the book, featuring photographs by Yunhee Kim.

Check out a select recipe below, along with the cover art!