Let’s get one thing straight; we’re only sharing this because we think it’s going to be hilariously bad and cringe worthy to the max. There will be no plot twists or mind bending CGI in this film, nor will you particularly enjoy it. The trailer looks bad!

But we would like to watch it, as it follows the trend of these D-grade horror movies popping up all over the place. And because there will probably be Swamp Zombies, Avalanche Zombies and even Sunburned Zombies coming out after this movie. Volcano Zombies will be the fist of many, you can trust us.

Just another point, why on earth is Danny Trejo in the movie? Will he be the “bad-guy-turned-hero-with-unexpected-superhuman-powers” saving all of mankind from lava-spewing zombies? LOL

burning-dead volcano zombies