Van Coke Cartel, fronted by the father of SA punk rock music Francois van Coke, and Jack Parow (father of Afrikaans Rap), combined their forces to create one of the most creative, and ultimately “befokte” music videos ever to grace the South African music scene.

The video, titled “Chaos”, is a perfect mix of Francois’s iconic vocals, and Parow’s insane skill as a rhyme master. The song has a heavier sound than previous Van Coke songs, and I for one, fucking love it!

To listen to the song all day long; go out and pick up a copy of Van Coke Cartel’s album “Wie’s Bang”. And while you’re at; pick up Jack Parow’s album “Eksie Ou”, you won’t be disappointed.

All of us here at Why Ed would like to thank both, Van Coke Cartel and Jack Parow for making REAL music, that SA can be proud of.

Dankie ouens; julle is befok!