The Ts & Cs released their brand spanking new (and first) single and music video on the interwebs yesterday. They’re a new group in the South African music scene, and are making serious waves in the music industry since they formed.

Introducing The Ts & Cs

Coming from a background in the creative world of advertising, production, illustration and social media – The Ts & Cs were born from a general distaste towards cheesy adverts and the stock music that accompany them.

The idea of the local Jozi-based band started when Baz Cilliers and Levon Lock wanted to start something different after their first project. The band wasn’t complete until Wally van Eeden and Josh Roscoe joined the band of best friends and musical brothers.
Since they started off in April 2014, The Ts & Cs have had some memorable moments, which include supporting PLUSH on their farewell tour and playing Krank’d Up Fest. They also supported aKing, Van Coke Kartel and they opened for Shadowclub at the official after party for the creative conference, Hello Ambassador. They kick started 2015 by playing alongside The Olympic and The Black Cat Bones in Pretoria recently.

The Ts & Cs

Bringing a unique blend of indie, accompanied by crunchy and melodic guitars; edgy and locked in drumming and driving bass – The Ts & Cs have a mandate to bring a new sound to the table while making everyone in the crowd either stomp their feet, dance or sing along.

Figure You Out Music Video

The Ts & Cs describe themselves as a bonafide, ass whipping Rock ‘n Roll band and their first video Figure You Out links back to what the band is mainly about: Good times with friends while doing what they love – playing live gigs. The video features footage of gigs they have played at like Tanz Café, The Sheds and Schivas Rock. Baz Cilliers explained that the best part about the video was that it cost zero rand and that it was cool to reminisce about some fun times they have had playing live. Baz wrote the lyrics, and explained that it’s about his earlier ‘single missions’ in Greenside and a girl he was intrigued by.

The guys have been working hard on their EP, which will be released early in 2015. The Ts & Cs are also planning on releasing a full album in the second half of 2015, working closely with Sean Gunns from Big House.

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