A new trailer has been released for next week’s episode of Gotham, and it looks crazy!

It fills us in on the details of Jerome’s resurrection and eventual transformation into The Joker. It seriously looks like Gotham is about to step up to a new level because this thing is wickedly sadistic. We also get to see Bruce Wayne take on Jerome, and it looks like he kicks the living shit out of him.

If Jerome doesn’t turn out to be The Joker… They’ve just set him up so perfectly to be the classic villain, and there are so many elements teased in this trailer that are references and nods to the Crown Prince of Crime from the comics and films. But this whole Jerome being Joker thing has yet to be confirmed.

It’s got a viral plague that turns people into killer clowns, which has been used in a few Joker stories. Then there’s Jerome’s face being sliced off his head and worn by others before being re-attached, which is similar to the character’s look in the Death of the Family storyline. Then there are some scenes set in a carnival that seems to be inspired by The Killing Joke.

This next episode looks so freakin’ great!

Via GeekTyrant