Here’s Torey Pudwill with all the pop, speed, style and power you’re used to, but this time with a twist…

Flatbars only, flatbars everywhere, flatbars from all over the world. This is his “Flatbar Frenzy,” and it’s the full part from Pudwill that we’ve all been waiting for. The two-year project is finally live.

He teamed up with Erik Bragg, the same filmer and editor behind that Plan B part, to figure out how to raise that bar… the flatbar!

“The whole point of the cutthroat flatbar mission was to ‘seek and destroy,'” said Pudwill. “I had to search every spot out, to sniff out the bars.” The method to that madness was an endless pursuit of the best flatbars the world has on offer, scouring Instagram feeds and #FlatbarFrenzy hashtags to find the finest. Japan, China, New York, South Korea — no matter where he found ’em, he’d track the spots down.

So over those two years on the prowl, Pudwill hunted down more flatbars than you can count, any way he knew how. “I reached out to all the kids, skaters, rollerbladers, anyone really,” he said. “Just the people in these towns and asked if they could unlock these secret spots for me.”

They did, and he used the intel to remind us all that there’s hardly a more progressive and technical skater in the game. Press play to see for yourself, and welcome to his Flatbar Frenzy.

Via Red Bull