If you don’t have a strong stomach and feeling a bit nauseous, then you might want to pass on this short film. If you like a romantic film starring Ryan Gosling, you might also want to pass. This grotesque romantic movie will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it had our attention.

It’s kind of hard to watch because it’s pretty disgusting (he takes off his skin FFS) but it’s a really well-made film, and no CGI was used in the making of it.

The movie was directed by Ben Aston, and here’s some information that came along with it:

He Took His Skin Off For Me is a practical SFX fairytale. No CGI whatsoever. Based on the short story by Maria Hummer it is my grad film from the London Film School. It took us 2 years, 217 Kickstarter backers and a whole lot of fake blood to pull off. SFX legend Colin Arthur (NeverEnding Story, 2001: A Space Odyssey) helped us achieve the impossible, allowing SFX Supervisor Jen Cardno and her team set a new standard for anatomical practical effects. Actor Sebastian Armesto (Anonymous, Pirates of the Caribbean) spent as long as 8hrs in makeup each day to bring this story to life. Alongside Anna Maguire (Saving Private Ryan, Parade’s End) they both give us something wonderful, horrible and completely unique. I don’t want to tell people what the film should be. Even finding a genre to describe it is difficult. I want people to come to this film just like I came to the original story, completely unprepared.

If I can leave with one pearl of wisdom, though; if you take off your skin just to be with somebody? That’s only ever going to end messy…