Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Park Electric, an electronic version of Park Acoustics featuring TIMO ODV, PHfat, The Kiffness, Napalma, Apple Gule and Luma as well as a Summer House stage!! This is going to be insane! Gather your loved ones and bring the beer, this is going to be rof kwadraat!

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 Luma
12:05 Napalma
13:10 Apple Gule
14:15 The Kiffness
15:20 Timo ODV
16:25 PHfat

Summer House Stage

Half ‘n Half
Dsco Cam x Duard
Chasing Space


R150 Online
R175 Gate

With that said, we had a chat with TiMO ODV:

Hi there. The last time we spoke was after the release of your EP, Move, back in September, how has everything been since the release and touring?

Ah, it’s been dope. EP did better than I expected honestly, didn’t expect much radio support since it was more for the club but it was received well everywhere.

Nice, man! Playing at Park Electric this weekend. How excited are you on performing to the Park Acoustics fans?

I’m amped, always cool to introduce people to new music whether they understand it yet or not.

Park Acoustics is always a huge jol. What can people expect from you at Park Electric?

Unts unts unts, cut bass, wait 5 seconds, put bass back in and unts unts some more.

Hahaha. Lekker. You’ve done a number of tours and fests, which stage have you played that made you feel like you made it… or sort of felt like it?

I don’t ever feel like I’ve made it, but playing at huge festivals with 20,000 people going mental to stuff you love is always nice.

Park Acoustics is mostly “chilled out”, are you going to calm your set down – a little bit of a Sunday vibe, or are you going all out for the fans?

I try go with what seems appropriate; if people are chilled I’ll start chilled then build it up.

How do you prepare for a show, and how are you preparing yourself for Park Electric?

I don’t really, just buy some new songs off Beatport and that’s it.

Haha. What is next for you, after the craziness that is going to be Park Electric?

Finish working on the new EP 😀


Photos by Canton Parker