Allot of pressure is put on us to do well at high school so that right after graduating, we can start studying… again. Most colleges even use your grade 11 end-of-year marks to see if you will be accepted into the course you applied for. Now, for many (most) people that’s not a big deal. But, what if like me, you have no clue as to what the hell you want to do for the rest of your life? Now you may be thinking of taking a “gap year” to find yourself, or something philosophical like that.

Here are some things I’ve learned about gap years.


“Fuck it, there’s always money for booze”

Allot of people think that gap years are code for partying and getting wasted every night: WRONG! Unless your dad is Bill Gates, or you have a part-time job that pays well to people fresh from high-school; you will probably have some trouble paying for your booze. If you have a car, you’ll understand the dilemma of choosing between petrol for it, and booze for yourself. Either you get some gas and actually arrive at the party, and are able to return home or you buy booze, and pray that the car will drive on fumes for the rest of the week (it doesn’t; believe me).

Because; fuck petrol!


As soon as you have so much time on your hands you’ll discover that parties become fucking rare (not that you would have the money to go out anyway). The first month or so of having nothing to do isn’t that bad; waking up at 12 in the afternoon, screwing around on the internet, playing a few video games and laughing at your friends, that have to go to university or school are great… at first. From there on out, you begin to wish that you were back in school and start envying your friends at university. It gets depressing seeing others that have at least that bit of direction in their lives. And trust me, even when you actually have some cash and obviously a whole fuck-load of free time, don’t expect your friends to be able to join you for a drink in the middle of the week.

When taking a gap year; this is just the tip of the boredom iceberg


This is how you probably convince your parents to sponsor your year-long vacation, “dad I just want to see what’s out there!” unless sitting at home being bored has become a career… you probably won’t find your “direction” during a gap year. Some do find it so, good for them! The last month of your gap year is probably the only time you will be thinking of your future career. And, if you were planning on studying at a university the year after; you’ll be shocked to find out that to get into a good one, you should have signed up in the middle of the previous fucking year already! The only things I learned during my gap year was that I’m fucking lazy, I can sleep for two days straight and our dogs do weird shit when we aren’t home.

Now, I know why my browser history horrifies me…


Okay, please don’t get too discouraged by this. A gap year can actually help you figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. But, don’t spend it doing nothing! Do some short courses in something that interests you, or if you (your parents) have the money, go overseas for a few months. This might defeat the point but, get a job, it will probably be shitty and pay like you’re a child laborer making sandals, but there is nothing that can make you want to get a degree faster, than flipping a few burgers at the local pub.

“Would you like some semen on your burger sir?”