When most people think about Facebook, they probably don’t think yummy, creamy delicious ice-cream.

But have you ever given any thought into what your favorite social media would taste like in ice-cream form? Who hasn’t right!? Well… we haven’t, but it’s good to know that if the mood struck us, we could grab a good ol’ Facebook cone.

Pixsell 16/08/2013

The inspiration behind the invention of this little treat? One of the owners’ daughter’s Facebook addiction. Yip, that’s right; after seeing his daughter constantly checking her Facebook, he thought he’d create a flavor aimed at similarly obsessed social media/ice-cream lovers.


The ice-cream itself isn’t overly complicated, using basic flavors and adding Facebook logo on top. The mix consists of vanilla ice-cream topped off with a blue syrup. The creation apparently tastes of bubblegum and sugary candy, and will cost $1.32 a scoop.

From the popularity of this particular flavor, we can safely say that anything adorned with a Facebook logo, will do well. And if you’re interested in having a taste of this novel concoction, better get yourself a few plane and boat tickets… The shop that sells the treat is based in Tisno, on Croatia’s Murter island.

Pixsell 16/08/2013It’s a pretty good idea, and will probably earn the creators a few bucks, but what will happen if Mark Zuckerberg finds out… Trademark lawsuit, probably.

But we would love to have a taste of Facebook; who knows, maybe they’ll branch out into other social media platforms. We think a YouTube swirl definitely sounds appetizing.

Now if you’ll excuse us; it’s time to get Facebook “wasted!!!”