TheWalkingDead_S4 Beer

In celebration of Season 4 of The Walking Dead, Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company announced they will be making, and releasing Dock Street Walker, a 7.2% American Pale Stout brewed with actual brains… Before you get your Hannibal on, it will be made of goat brains.

To give the beer a smoky flavor, Dock Street chose smoked goat brains, and cranberries (Not the band) were also added to the mix to give the beer a bloody red hue.

Here’s a statement they released:

‘More often than not, monotonous Monday cleaning rituals (labors of love for brewers everywhere) were spent recapping the previous night’s twists, turns, narrow escapes, or untimely goodbyes. Dock Street wanted to brew a special tribute to the show.’

Would you have a sip of goat brain beer? We’re not to sure about it…