Park Acoustics and Pringles proudly presents Boo!’s 21st birthday bash with The Narrow, Fuzigish and friends!

It’s an absolute honor to celebrate Boo!’s 21st birthday with this legendary line up featuring The Narrow(rulers of Wolmer), Fuzigish(kings of ska), Hellcats (saviours of rock), Yndian Mynah(dreamers of pop) and Oh Those Guys(princesses of boogie).

Marnél Smit had a chat with the legendary Hanu De Jong from The Narrow ahead of Park Acoustics…

I can’t believe it is the first time for The Narrow to play at Park Acoustics! It’s been a long time coming. How does it feel to be on such a rocking lineup at the Voortrekker Monument of all places?

In 2003 we launched our first album “Self-conscious” right there where Park Acoustics is these days! We were the first to do this back then and the Voortrekker Monument is a special place for us. To now be on the bill with such awesome bands from our generation is a bonus and we can’t wait!

Are there still other venues in South Africa that you would like to play but have not gotten around to do so yet?

Venues come and go and we love trying out the new ones. There are plenty of venues we haven’t played but we are a bit heavier than your average “Huis Genoot treffer” band so not many of the fancier venues book us.

You have quite a big tour coming up now, ending it off in Pretoria at Park Acoustics. Which venue are you most excited to play?

They’re all special in some way but by far a midday show at Park Acoustics is the one we’re all looking forward to.

You have headlined at huge shows before, such as Oppikoppi, RAMFest and Krank’d Up. Do you prefer to play at bigger shows with a larger crowd or do you enjoy smaller, more intimate crowds more?

Bigger shows are easier. The on-stage sound is nice and there’s like 10 people on standby to help with any technical issues etc. But the small shows have more energy and also you’re playing to your own fans.

The Narrow has been around for more than 15 years now, which means that you have seen a lot of changes in the music industry. How do you feel about our local music industry at the moment? Do you listen to some of the newer bands’ music?

The main thing is the work ethic that has changed. The newer bands are amazing and the ideas and talent is mind-blowing. But they break up after a year and then do a reunion tour the next. That’s why you see bands like Wonderboom and Fuzygish still headlining big shows. They work hard but it’s not about the band and their ego. They take care of their fans show after show. “It’s a long way to the top if you wanne rock ‘n roll!”

You had a pretty good response to the crowdfunding campaign you launched last year in order to release your latest album “Dream of Perelandra”. How did it feel to know your fans were just as excited about a new album from you and supported you through the process?

We were blown away by people’s generosity! Dream of Perelandra is by far the best music The Narrow had ever produced and I think the positive energy blasted our way by the fans during the entire process made it what it is.

Can we expect to hear a mix between some of your older songs, such as the legendary “Lonely Lonely”, and your latest album on this tour?

With over 64 songs (5 or so albums) to choose from it gets harder and harder to pick a setlist. So we decided to pick 2 songs from each album first and then add more if needed. So yes, you will hear oldies and fresh tracks all night! 🙂

What is next for The Narrow after this tour?

We’re planning another European and/or Australasian tour but first I want to get the guys over to Tonga where I spent my birthday last year! A writing session with pina colada on tap sounds like just the thing!