Sommer lekker for your Valentine’s Day! The Kiffness just released his brand new tune, Celibate Healing.

The song basically started as an idea that he had to create a very sexy sounding R&B song & flip the narrative of the usual “guy singing about how bad he wants a girl” & rather make it about how unkeen he is.

The guys at Dolph thought it would be a good idea to base the video around this idea that he was trying to isolate himself from society & the sexual temptations that come with it, so the video takes place in a place called “Camp Celibate” where he lives a simple life free of sexual temptation. That’s until he sees a bear with a nice ass, and just seeing that is enough to set him off. Needless to say, the bear isn’t too impressed with him grabbing its ass without consent & quite rightly klaps him one time.

The video is very open ended & they wanted to create something that allowed viewers to draw their own conclusions or value from the video and/or the song. If they don’t get anything from it, that’s also cool.

Check it out below and drop your thoughts…