SkyTran – a NASA Space Act company – is busy with their computer-controlled, two-person high speed transport system. The cars/pods/The Jetsons-wannabe will run 20-feet above the ground, and can be controlled by a smartphone app.

Each SkyTran car can carry two-people at over 40 miles per hour, and the cost is anticipated to be less than a taxi-ride… we’ve heard that one before. The initial trial in Israel will only involve a 1,500-feet closed campus loop, the plan is to build something much larger in the near future. The SkyTran trial is expected to be up and running by the end of 2015. If it is a success, a commercial roll-out in mayor global cities may follow:

Skytran 2015

Let’s stop the bus right there, we recently got the Gautrain in South Africa, and the train has been a success – ignoring all the cable theft, but how long did it take to be fully operational? It took a while… do you guys think this will be viable option for transport in South Africa in 2026, we’re estimating the time it will be here, if deemed successful.

Skytran Pictures

Skytran Plans