I know I may have had an overflow of Oppikoppi posts these past couple of weeks, but the premier festival in South Africa is only a few days away. 19 days in fact if you want to get all scientifically on me. I thought I would share some of my experiences that I witnessed there and things that happened to me. I know Henno had a few of his stories on Running Wolf’s Rant which are awesome but I am keeping mine short. But go check his as well, do it!

1. I witnessed a guy get an axe to his leg which resulted in a lot of blood and some meat from his leg trying to escape through the wound. It happened at my very first Koppi on the first night, some guy tried to cut down a tree with an axe and we all know what that means, the security came and put a stop to it. An argument followed where the guy threw the axe backwards into some poor bloke’s leg. Yes there was blood!

2. Also on the first night we got there, a few tequilas shots got consumed which turned into a few bottles. One of our camping friends had a little to much of the good stuff and walked to the fire, turned his back on it and fell backwards, full body submerged in the flames. What made it even more exciting were these words that he slurred: “Eina p@#s ek brand, krap my uit”

3. A fun fact to remember at Koppi: a bottle of Brandy, Tequila, Rum, Cane or OBS may look puny and weak but if it makes contact with your head, it will hurt like hell. We were at Way of the Dassie when some intoxicated friends tried to smash bottles on their heads, a few tried and failed miserably, regretting their decision as soon as glass made contact with flesh. All of a sudden mid smash session some random drunk guy comes past, picks up half a bottle of Wellington, and destroys it against his head in one shot and leaves without saying a word. A blood trail followed him out of our campsite.

4. Mixing booze may seem smart, but mixing booze which was sitting in the sun for a few hours…..dangerous. Enter Renier; he mixed Tequila, OBS, Whiskey, Zappa, Brandy and Smirnoff Spin in a 2litre bottle (they were baking for a good few hours in the bushveld sun). What came out was a dark mixture that could start a Boeing 747. He dragged that bottle with him up the Koppi with a leash (Red and white security tape) and down again. Drank all of it and was never heard from again (okay until the next morning only)

5. My car was in an accident in our camping area without me in it, well it happened when a tad drunk camper that parked behind me wanted to do something in his car. All of a sudden there was a crash sound, he drove into my car and was pushing it towards the fire. What made this quite spectacular was the fact that his keys was still in his tent. I jumped into his car and turned off the ignition with the keys that I quickly fetched. The situation that followed still amazes me to this day, I told him that there was no mayor damage to my vehicle and that he shouldn’t worry about the crash. His words were: “What crash and damage?” He already forgot about the accident and when I reminded him he fled with his red helmet into the wilderness, he returned a few hours after the incident, dirty, bloody and the helmet still fully attached to his head.

6. When we got to our first Oppikoppi we were young naïve and didn’t think straight. We got a fire going and threw a beer can in it to stoke up the flame. No idea how that could of worked but nevertheless we left it there. We partied the whole night and round about 5 o’clock the next morning the beer can exploded in the fire that sent flaming liquid into our campsite burning everything in its path. The next morning, the only guy that sat around the fire at that time was unscathed; everything around him had holes in including his jacket.

7. Time to make your own stories at Oppikoppi 2012 you Sweet Thing 🙂