Switzerland; famous for its natural beauty, great cheese, chocolate and now drive-through prostitution.

In an effort to make prostitution safer, and regulate it more effectively, Switzerland has invested in a couple of drive-in “sex-boxes”. The boxes are equipped with alarms, and covered in posters advocating proper condom usage. The posters also warn the “patrons” about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases… That has got to add tremendously to the sexiness of the whole thing.


This initiative of building 9 shed-like structures, will cost the country an estimated 2.6 million dollars. There will also be an operating cost of about 760 thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money being spent on bangage, but at least there will also be a tax on every “transaction”…

This is actually a pretty decent idea… if you’re into sex with prostitutes. But we can’t see this trend catching on outside of Europe.