Park Acoustics and Pringles proudly presents the inaugural annual “Punk Acoustics” edition featuring some of their favourite acts in the alternative and punk genre!!

They are stoked to welcome The Sublime Tribute Show from Cape Town which comprises of 14 of the city’s top musos performing a 90min set covering some of your favourite Sublime tracks, co-headlining is SA’s biggest and longest-running punk force FUZIGISH supported by Pretoria punk legends The Slashdogs, Jozi’s favourite dagga super group SDO (Satanic Dagga Orgy), world-renowned acoustic punks The Shabs and closing off the day, Jozi’s queen of skate DJ Melitia.

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 The Shabs
12:05 SDO
13:10 The Slashdogs
14:15 Fuzigish
15:15 The Sublime Tribute Show
16:45 DJ Melitia

Sunset Comedy Stage

Al Prodgers
Tsitsi Chiumya
Gavin Kelly


R150 Online 
R175 Gate

With that said, we had a quick chat with The Sublime Tribute Project ahead of this #jol

Hi, there. Thanks for your time. How excited are you to be part of Punk Acoustics?

The STP (Sublime Tribute Project) show has been running annually for 8 years. When we started this project we never dreamed it would be so successful. We are particularly stoked to be coming up to Pretoria as every year we have been inundated with requests to bring the performance up north, but due to the large number of musicians (around 30 in the full show) it has always been logistically difficult. Now that we are booked, excitement levels are going through the roof, and what better venue could we ask for than a day show at Park Acoustics?

What can people expect from the Sublime Tribute Show?

15 of Cape Town’s finest underground musicians getting together to play almost 2 hours of Sublime classics. A big part of our love for Sublime is in their genre-bending combination of our favourite styles Punk Rock, Reggae, Ska, Dancehall, Ragga. The STP is a rotating menagerie of vocalists which capture the different styles of Sublime, harnessing the strengths of each member. Many of the songs have been embellished significantly over the last 8 years to add in our brass section, and other bells and whistles – you will have to see!

The Sublime Tribute Show is made up of a lot of artists. How easy/hard was it to get everyone together for a show in Pretoria?

Its taken us more than 7 years! that should explain the logistical nightmare to coordinate the merry misfits that are the Sublime Tribute Project.

You are sharing the stage with some great bands. Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at Park Acoustics?

It’s one of the best lineups we have ever seen in Jozi, and we are looking forward to all the bands, but especially FUZIGISH, SLASHDOGS, SATANIC DAGGA ORGY, THE SHABS 🙂

After Punk Acoustics, what is next for The Sublime Tribute Show?

In January 2020, our 9th annual year!

Any last words for the fans of Sublime and those attending Punk Acoustics? Lets boogie! And if you have a special request for your favourite Sublime track, send it through to