Looking for a brand new shirt? How about this Star-Lord-inspired shirt from Guardians of the Galaxy? What makes this shirt so unique is that it includes a helmet hood with LED lights in the eyes. It’s not every day you see a t-shirt with a hood, and it lights up – much like your social life after getting your hands on one of these bad boys.

Become even more like Peter Quill with this Star-Lord Hooded T-Shirt with LED Mask. The lines of his leather jacket are printed on the front of this v-neck tee. His helmet is printed on the hood, complete with light-up eyes, which are held in place with hook and loop elastic. Adjust the elastic for a perfect fit. Remove the mask and electronics to wash.

If you want to purchase one, head on over to ThinkGeek, and it will cost you $34.99. Expensive, but totally worth it!

And now one for the ladies: If you’re a fan of the Margot Robbie’s look as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, then you might be interested in getting a replica of the jacket she wears. Fan-girls will be going cray-cray for this! The jacket comes from fjackets, and it’s a movie accurate version of what Quinn wears. It features two outside pockets, a zip closure, and ‘Property of the Joker’ on the back. Here’s the description from the page:

A villain that has the whole world crazy after her is now featured on this online store. Here is the Harley Quinn Jacket. You definitely must be familiar with the name Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie wore this outfit as she acted as Harley in the superhero movie titled, Suicide Squad.

When it came to creating this stunning Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket, satin was used to give a shiny look to it. This also makes it a light weighted jacket for you. Inside viscose has been stitched to absorb the moisture and keep you comfortable. Gold lining on the sleeves shows the edgy and stylish look of Harley Quinn and you can be the first to own this outfit to envy your friends.

If you want one it will cost you $119. You’ll have to take out a small loan for this one!