On September, the 1st we had a lot to celebrate. It was officially Spring and Joburg was especially lively because Shortstraw was in town!

It was a cold night with a Winter wind, reminding us that Spring day’s warmth is still a bit shy, as we set out to The Good Luck Bar for Shortstraw’s ‘Those Meddling Kids’ album launch.
We were greeted at the door with friendly smiles all around that made us feel right at home. As we stepped into the building I could hear a few ‘ohhhs’, some coming from my own mouth while marvelling at the attractive look and ambience of the place.

We quickly settled in with a beer in each hand and Swan Ronson’s mix of old school tunes and new school jams in our ears, knowing we are in for a great evening!

Love started to bloom in my heart as Floorslive came on stage. Mikhaela Faye, the lead singer of Floorslive has a beautifully rich voice which had the crowd buzzing. After a harsh Winter and the cold wind still blowing outside, Floorslive’s mix of various genres put together all in one act created the perfect warm and comfortable atmosphere inside the venue.

Once the place became a little more heated the pop-punk band, MIAGII, took the stage. Their song ‘Nothing At All’ with the irresistibly catchy chorus ‘Am I right / Am I wrong, can I make it on my own?’ planted cheerful faces throughout the whole crowd.

Just as Spring might be the most eagerly awaited season of the year, Shortstraw’s full album launch might be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Since the 1st of September also marks the 1-year anniversary of the release of ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, the crowd was already well acquainted with most of ‘Those Meddling Kids’ songs, including one of my personal favourites ‘T-Shirt’. Coming closer to the end of the album they played their recently released songs for the first time ever. ‘Eventually’ set a slower mood which was a refreshing and welcoming change to catch one’s breath before the show flourished into a fantastic party!

The crowd was fanatical when the rhythm of ‘Bikini Weather’ started to play. Satanic Dagga Orgy made their appearance on stage in their signature speedos with TMK beach balls, then proceeded to crowd surf. Spring is a time of transition, and I am guessing that is why there was also a change in the behaviour of the crowd, because I have never witnessed a mosh pit at a Shortstraw show before, that is until last Friday of course. People climbed onto the tables, almost hitting their heads against the low hanging lights that created the attractive and warm look in the beginning of the evening, while trying to sneak a peek at Shortstraw over the massive crowd. It was crazy!

One thing is definitely certain, Shortstraw knows how to throw a party!

Congratulations on the successful album launch guys and thank you for the fantastic music that is now playing over and over in my car. Also, a special thanks to The Good Luck Bar for hosting the best parties.