Spring day, oh spring day! Fuck you, just kidding, a day that should be spent celebrating the coming of spring and the blossoming of pretty flowers. Instead I spent it by watching Fokofpolisiekar and shoving brandy into my face, which in my book is a lot better than walking in a garden admiring nature, but that’s just me. It was the first time that I visited Harlequins rugby club for the spring day party in almost 5 years and it did not disappoint one bit, maybe with the lack of toilets, 20 portable shithouses for hundreds of people…makes you wonder who decided that for Lentelawaai (by the way, you know how hard it is to pronounce Lentelawaai after you consumed the 11 odd brandy specials)

We arrived just in time to catch a few drinks at the bar before the bands started, where the first few refreshments came in contact with my half sober tummy. Yes I was still mildly intoxicated before we arrived due to the previous night misadventure.

Moses Metro Man started with a bang, chucking in their singles left and right. It was an electric show and I got blown away. Again we headed for the bar direction and fuck were they slow, the bar area was also a tad small. Not moaning just stating the obvious cause I know I was not the only one that felt that way. I missed Die Tuindwergies, but I could hear them from afar while I was busy catching up with some sexy ladies.

Tidal Waves were up and I couldn’t stop my body moving, they were super chilled and were mind blowingly good. Lekker lekker dans Lekker lekker dans Lekker lekker dans should be in your top ten party songs ALWAYS. Fokof came on stage and yet again and I doubt if they will ever, did not disappoint. Francois played to the crowd and was carried in a deserved holier than thouh stage dive. Fokofpolisiekar will always be my festival headliners no matter what.

What followed was quite a blur but a quick recap would be: I drove home or so I thought in a BMX X5 that did not start, battery did not want to work and all that technical stuff. So I didn’t drive home in one and I made contact with the big fucking rim with my back due to unforeseen circumstances, don’t know what happened but my guess is that mother earth decided that Ed needs to come down to earth. Still hurting like fucking hell at this very moment and I dropped a full brandy on myself. Again I don’t know what happened. We left there roughly around 1 the next morning (Fokof finished at 9) and I proceeded to pass out, wake up, pass out again, drool, woke up, pass out and woke up again feeling so ill. I got dropped off at home eventually and my floodgates had opened. I was done, yet again.