Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Die Heuwels Fantasties & Friends.

Park Acoustics also welcomes legendary comedians, Casper de Vries and Joey Rasdien to the Park Acoustics Comedy stage for the first time ever. They have a great music line up featuring Die Heuwels, Crimson House, George Town, Wolfgang Marrow, #SOZLOL and Little Ringo.

Pringles Main Stage

10:30 Little Ringo
11:35 Wolfgang Marrow
12:40 Georgetown
14:00 Crimson House
15:15 Die Heuwels Fantasties
16:15 #Sozlol

Sunset Comedy Stage

Casper de Vries
Joey Rasdien
Hannes Brummer

R150 Online
R175 Gate
Free for children under the age of 6 (six).

With that said, we had a quick chat with the ladies from #SOZLOL…

Hi there. Thanks for the quick chat. Please explain to us what is #SOZLOL exactly?

Hey Ed, fancy meeting you…wait. #SOZLOL is when you know your friend wanted the cookies, but you ate it anyway. It’s when you’re sorry, but not really cause you are basically also laughing in their face. I supposed it’s just something we say, and now it stuck. Unfortunately, Vicky doesn’t take requests, so she likes to SOZ everyone who comes to ask, but Cath makes up for it and squeezes those requests in the mix for a big fat LOL in Vicky’s face later. The best way to explain it is that Vicky is the SOZ for forever apologizing and Cath is the LOL for all the f*cks she doesn’t give.

Both of you have been to a few Park Acoustics, what makes Park such a rad #jol for you?

The BEST Pretoria peeps that always think shots are a good idea at the bar. The great variety of music (and that comedy stage). Parkies is also the best during Winter cause it’s a lovely day out, but it’s not a hot sweaty mess.

What can people expect from #SOZLOL at Park Acoustics?

Well, half of us will be styling a moon boot and crutches but that won’t really stop us. We normally are madly competitive, where Vicky plays two songs and Cath plays the next two songs. There will be some lekker tunes and glitter, just before our Cape Town and Stellenbosch pop-in (so excited!).

#SOZLOL is also playing Oppikoppi this year? How did that happen?

So the first time we ever played was to a MASSIVE crowd in Johannesburg in the old Good Luck Bar (RIP). I think Gareth, the booking agent for Koppi, knew we were going to be a vibe, but he didn’t think he himself would dance the night away. We just work behind our laptops and we have forever wanted to play at that Top Bar 😍. We have some rad surprises for you, and we aren’t even talking about our cool merch at the Merch Stall.

Last question. How can people get hold of you?

We don’t have a Facebook page, but you can holler at @vicky_jkwicz or @cathgrenfell on any platform for some #sozlol’ing.

Cover photo by Judith Belle