Park Acoustics and Pringles proudly presents the inaugural annual “Punk Acoustics” edition featuring some of their favourite acts in the alternative and punk genre!!

They are stoked to welcome The Sublime Tribute Show from Cape Town which comprises of 14 of the city’s top musos performing a 90min set covering some of your favourite Sublime tracks, co-headlining is SA’s biggest and longest-running punk force FUZIGISH supported by Pretoria punk legends The Slashdogs, Jozi’s favourite dagga super group SDO (Satanic Dagga Orgy), world-renowned acoustic punks The Shabs and closing off the day, Jozi’s queen of skate DJ Melitia.

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 The Shabs
12:05 SDO
13:10 The Slashdogs
14:15 Fuzigish
15:15 The Sublime Tribute Show
16:45 DJ Melitia

Sunset Comedy Stage

Al Prodgers
Tsitsi Chiumya
Gavin Kelly


R150 Online 
R175 Gate

Credit: Christelle Duvenhage

With that said, we had a quick chat with The Slashdogs ahead of this punk party…

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us! Back at Park Acoustics for their Punk edition. How stoked are you for the show?

Hey there! Thanks so much for chatting to us. Obviously, this is a very special show for us. It’s not very often that us “louder” bands get to play for the Park Acoustics audience, so it is very cool and we are incredibly excited. Pretoria always played such a big role with the development of Punk Rock in SA during the 90’s and 2000’s, what with the success of the Thrashers Skatepark and Nile Crocodile shows, so it’s fitting that there is a big Punk show, right here in the Capital, to celebrate that Pretoria punk spirit.

You’ve been around for a while and I am sure many music lovers know you, but please tell those who don’t who you are and what is the secret for staying together for so long?

We have indeed. I think, next to Fuzi we are the oldest punk act around. It’s 16 years for us this year. Not bad going. Next up would be bands like Misled, Vendettas, and Half Price, who have been around for about 15 years or so. Well, we’ve not had the smoothest ride, to be honest. We’ve had quite a few lineup changes over the years, but I guess that’s just the way it goes for some bands (to badly quote a Fuzigish song). Ryan and I are the oldest serving members. I’ve been there since day one and Ryan joined in about 2003 I think. The truth is this – we play punk rock because our hearts need to. There are very few platforms for success in that genre (especially in SA) and with that comes all the struggles associated: long nights, little pay, literally zero radio play, playing to next to no one time and again – and I think that if you don’t have the heart for the music, you will be let down and you will throw in the towel. One has to make due in order to continue and if there is a drummer or a guitarist who needs to or wants to leave – we’re not going to chuck in the towel because of that. Ryan and I are song machines and that’s what we will continue to be for as long as possible, regardless of who plays them. We also know that the band is bigger than one personality. Seriously – that hyena logo of ours has become a weird little local cult image. We are lucky to have William on bass now, who has been with us for almost four years. He replaced Henk who was in the band for around 8 or 9 years I think and who was and still is, a prolific songwriter. We have a demon drummer in Snqobile Kambule – seriously, this kid is from another planet. So we are very content with where we are at as a lineup and hopefully, we can stay that way for many years to come.

This is not your first time at Park Acoustics. What makes you come back every time, and what makes the event rad for you?

Correct. We have played one PA before this. 2015 I think it was. Well – I think what makes this event special is that it is run by a team of people who have a passion for the music industry and who understand what goes into preparing for a great live show. The sound and lighting is always world class. The bands get treated with so much respect and are taken care of so well. The marketing and press are as good as it gets, the audience response is always amazing and this particular event always seems to draw a big crowd, so we are hoping to play to many new people who have not heard us before.

You are sharing the stage with some great bands. Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at Park Acoustics?

Personally, I love The Shabs. They’re just such nice people and Jon and I like to chill after shows and whip out acoustic punk rock covers to whoever is still left behind. Maybe you’ll see the two of us roaming the koppie singing NOFX tunes.

What can fans expect from your set at Park Acoustics?

We are the Slashdogs. We play fast and loud punk, metal ‘n roll. Were probably the heaviest band on the bill. Expect speed and expect volume. Bring your gum guard.

After Punk Acoustics, what is next for The Slashdogs?

We are busy finishing up an EP and are trying to shop it around to international punk or metal labels. We feel like we have something that is worthy of being in the ranks of bands we idolize and hopefully someone out there will be interested in helping us with some distro or maybe playing some overseas festivals.