Hiert jy! The fourth and final instalment of Fokofpolisiekar’s range of craft beer is here and it begs to be tasted! Ek Skyn(Heilig) is easily one of Die Bende’s most popular songs of all time and soon everyone will find out if the same can be said of its beer counterpart. In case you’re arguing with us, read this.

Skyn Heilig and the other three craft beer offerings are available for purchase online here. The beer is sold in boxes of 16 x 440ml bottles and national shipping is FREE!

Wynand Myburgh, bassist and manager of the band, says that “’it has been a great journey working on the four craft beer offerings. There’s is not a better beer name to end this series of 4 craft beers as Skyn Heilig. It is also a perfect match with this lightly coloured, bubbly beer. I am sure that it will become very popular and the perfect drink to kick spring off with.”


Skyn Heilig is brewed in the Weiss Beer style. It is a light colored and highly bubbly beer!

Taste: It is packed with epic pineapple, pear, apple skin, fruit salad, honey, and vanilla pod aromas.
Perfect for: This beer can be enjoyed any time of the day and year or whenever you feel like having a beer!
It goes great with salads and seafood and is always the best companion when friendship is involved.

Fokofpolisiekar’s beers are bottle fermented, which means it is bottled with sugar, and active yeast, just like a Champagne and MCC “Method Cap Classique”. These cause light sediment at the bottom of the bottle, and gives the beer a great ageing potential and ability. All the beers are bottled on site, under the brewer’s supervision.

For bulk / vendor orders please email fokof@sirthomasbrew.com.
*Only sold in boxes of 16 x 440ml. Shipping and taxes are included in the price.

Sounds great? Of course it does! Join Die Bende at Aandklas – Stellenbosch on the 26th of August, RAD in Centurion on the 28th or Aandklas in Pretoria on the 29th and come to taste what all the fuss is about.

Fok ja! Hard makietie hou!