We have 580 Samsung Galaxy-S4 which can’t be sold because they’re unsealed so we are giving them out for free to some lucky people!

Want To Get One? Just “Share” this photo and “Like” our page.


Competition ends on the 24th February 2014 , Good luck.
(the more times you share, the more chances you have)

It'll never be yours

It’ll never be yours

We’ve seen this more often than not, these words in some or other form popping up on our timelines, and the eager person sharing them at every available opportunity with hope in his/her heart.

Now I ask all of you sharing these links and pictures – did you ever receive your device? Yes? Did they ask for your personal details? How were you supposed to collect the device?

Burning questions usually met with an uuummm, and a clueless grin. You never did receive any of those devices right? After sending them your address and personal information? Such a shame, and you shared their post 587 times while irritating the living daylights out of all your friends.

My next question, are you a fucking idiot? These ‘share this to receive this’ is a scam. 98% of people can see it, why can’t you? Are you internet-challenged? Are you so eager to give away all your personal information to get your grubby hands on a phone? Holy shit, if you’re so desperate, rather save a few bucks at the end of each month, and I promise you, you’ll be able to enjoy the phone before hearing anything from these people.

So I ask of you, please stop sharing these fucking stupid links and photos, they’re not real. There’s a fat fucker behind his computer screen creating these so called ‘competitions’ to get a kick – I don’t know if he masturbates to the thought of people sharing his scams, but it’s likely. So stop being a internet drone, and stop giving these fucking people fuel to satisfy their masturbation needs.

Think before you share links and pictures, the only links and pictures you’re allowed to share everyday is anything from Why Ed – you have our approval on this.