When she’s not in a blockbuster movie, taking nude selfies, or falling on her face, Scarlett Johansson just goes around knowing she’s the only woman to have garnered the title of Sexiest Woman Alive twice.

The first time she won the title was back in 2006 when she was 21, and has now at age 28, been crowned Esquire’s “2013’S SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE”.


We don’t really buy into the whole thing about her being the sexiest woman in the wold, because we have seen more attractive women. However, she does have a certain “something”, and because of that, we can’t really complain about Esquire’s decision.

Especially after seeing these next pics from her photo-shoot:

We’d like to congratulate her, for yet again making guys around the world blush (and making them hide their boners in front of their girlfriends).