Jigsaw being teased for Dead By Daylight isn’t the only Saw-esque news for gamers. A game that’s been heavily inspired by the franchise (but not connected to it in any way), AIREM’s Play With Me, has just been released on Steam.

The game casts you as Robert Hawk, an investigative journalist who together with his wife, Sara, has disappeared. It seems Hawk has caught the attention of a serial killer known as “Illusion”, who has been the subject of Hawk’s investigative articles, and who Hawk was close to uncovering their identity. Now Hawk finds himself in the “Illusion”, and must get through a maze of puzzles in order to survive.

With a focus on the player’s imagination to solve puzzles, as well as various moral choices and multiple endings, this is probably as close to Saw in video game form as you’re going to get. Well, apart from Konami’s 2009 survival horror title Saw: The Video Game and its sequel.

Right now, the game is on a 15% discount until January 24th, so if you’re interested, go for it.