Sarah Paulson will be seen in theaters this weekend in Glass, M. Night Shyamalan’s follow-up to Unbreakable and Split. Bloody Disgusting spoke with Paulson this week, broached the subject of the Netflix hit Bird Box, which is inspiring memes and dangerous challenges since it premiered in December.

Paulson had a brief role as Jessica, Malorie (Sandra Bullock)’s sister who unfortunately looks at the unseen creature and kills herself. The movie never reveals the creature, although it almost did in a deleted scene, which was eventually revealed by the FX team. They thought it would be fun to ask Paulson what she imagined she was seeing…

Alas, she’ll never tell.

“Oh, that’s something I’m not going to share,” Paulson said. “I mean, it’s sort of the magic of moviemaking.”

Whatever she’s keeping to herself, Paulson did confirm that she had to invent her own vision. The filmmakers, including director Susanne Bier, did not give her even a hint to conjure up the image.

“I will tell you I was looking at nothing,” Paulson said.

“There wasn’t even a green piece of tape for me to look at. I was just looking straight ahead. I think my car was being pulled, being towed so it looked like I was driving. I just had to stare off into the middle distance and freak the fuck out.”

After Glass, Paulson is going to work with her American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy again on Ratched, a series about Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. While not a traditional horror movie, Ratched was a pretty scary character and Paulson agrees.

“I would use the word terrifying,” she told them.

“I think the way we’re approaching this is that you’re going to learn how and why. This is a real origin story.”

Paulson also has a role in Run from Aneesh Chaganty, director of last year’s Searching. Searching was a thriller about rescuing a missing girl, but told entirely through computer screens. Paulson said Run, classified by IMDB as a straight horror movie, will be innovative in different ways.

“I can say that everything about it is different than Searching,” she said. “It is shot in a much more, I would use the word traditional but that’s reductive because there’s nothing traditional about the story. It’s just his first movie was done in an incredibly unique way using the computer interface the way he did. This is going to be different for him.”