New Zealand skater Richie Jackson took the skating scene by storm with an innovative video featuring the use of street signs, electric gates and plenty of paisley shirts in 2016. And now, he is back with his crew.

The 30-year-old from Auckland featured in a video for Death Skateboards with influential skating magazine Thrasher saying it reminds us there “are no rules in skateboarding” a year ago…

Check it out below:

Social media users have mostly praised his unique style while some have branded it “simple”.

“Jocks with no imagination hate on this dude because they can’t relate to any part of his style. On or off the board,” one user wrote.

“He gets a lot of hate because a lot of his tricks aren’t super big,” another said.

“The way he makes up for it is by being INSANELY technical and creative. The uses of the road signs/wet floor signs were some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in skateboarding.”

Say what you may, this man is a creative genius on a board. And he just dropped a new part with his tjommies.

Juju Bearings keep the good times rolling. Filmed by Holden Morse.