Here’s a cartoon with one of the most ironic titles in history, and one that was a staple of my TV watching childhood.

Contrary to what the title suggests, Courage was one of the bravest cartoon characters in recent memory. He fought zombies, mummy-pharaohs, ware-moles, and a whole host of other completely ridiculous and often terrifying monsters almost every day. And he does all this to protect his two owners, even though one of them constantly abuses him and the other is completely oblivious.

The dark humour the show often used was hilarious in a screwed-up kind of way, it had elements of almost all genres, and I was a great fan of the entire 52 episodes the show ran for. It is still to this day one of my all time favourite cartoons. Also, I’m pretty sure “Freaky Fred” and that floating white discombobulated head scarred my entire generation…

“You stupid dog, you made me look bad! Oogaboogaboogaboo!”

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