The good old cartoons; far fetched from the crap that airs on Cartoon Network (Is it still called Cartoon Network?) these days. We will start with one of the coolest shows ever to air on TV when I was a little tyke – 2 Stupid Dogs – the show was about 2 stupid dogs, one big white one called The Big Dog and a little brown dog called The Little Dog, and neither of them were very intelligent as the name pointed out.

I still remember that the Little Dog always had a bark worse than his bite regarding cats; if there was no cat in sight he would always be macho and as soon as a cat would show up he hid away…and The Big Dog as he was called would give a nonchalant bark and the cat would shriek and freeze. If you didn’t get all nostalgic about this; I suggest you should probably go and watch your Ben 10 again.

2 Stupid Dogs ran from 1993 till 1995, re-runs were played through 2005 and 2006 and returned in 2009 and 2011, but the show was completely removed in September 2011 from the line-up. The show did not have a continuous storyline and one episode did not run into another one, so you didn’t have to watch all the episodes.

So let’s reminisce about one of the cartoons from our childhood. 2 Stupid Dogs.

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