Park Acoustics & Pringles proudly presents Fokofpolisiekar, Straatligkinders, Rambling Bones and many more!

They are thrilled to welcome back everyone from holiday and booked one hell of a lineup. It’s an honor to welcome legendary SA act Fokofpolisiekar, back from hiatus, and here with a brand new album Straatligkinders, Cape Town mal kinders Retro Dizzy, Jozi folk punk crew Rambling Bones, local up and coming Pretoria boys Zebra and everyone’s favorite local DJ duo #Sozlol.

Comedy will keep a smile on your face with Nina Hastie, Bongani Dube and Long John.

Pringles Main Stage

11:00 Zebra
12:05 Rambling Bones
13:10 Retro Dizzy
14:20 Straatligkinders
15:30 Fokofpolisiekar
16:30 #Sozlol

Sunset Comedy Stage

Nina Hastie
Bongani Dube
Long John

With that said, I had a quick chat with the guys and lady behind Rambling Bones…

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us! Klapping the stage with the likes of Straatligkinders and Fokofpolisiekar at the next edition of Park Acoustics. Are you stoked for Parks?

We always stoked for a PA show. The crowds are awesome. The venue is amazing, the company is great and we just love to play.

You’ve been around for a while and I am sure many music lovers know you, but please tell those who don’t who you are and what makes Rambling Bones awesome?

Well…we always trying to be as awesome as possible. It is tough. when we first started out in the ‘be good’ band league, things were easier, but since we got promoted to the ‘be awesome’ league, it is a challenge. Jokes aside, we have been playing for so long now that what keeps us coming back is each other, we just have fun playing together and we aim to bring that to the stage. The best compliments we get is that we look like we are having fun on stage, and that gets people going. That is our bag of awesomeness.

This is obviously not your first rodeo as you have played Parks on more than one occasion. What makes you come back every time?

The venue, the people and we get to hang out with friends we have not seen in a while. It’s just a show we would not want to miss. You don’t pass up a PA show. That’s a rule.

As mentioned, you are sharing the stage with some great bands. Who are you looking forward to seeing perform at Park Acoustics?

Well. It is always rad to see the lads from Fokof play and just to hang a little. Awesome to see Straatligkinders back on stage. Absence makes the crowd grow fonder, I always say. Be keen to see Zebra, but really, we have good friends out PTA way, so it is rad to catch up with them. Also be keen to see Nina Hastie perform.

To date, what is your favourite Park Acoustics memory?

Wow. We have been lucky enough to play so many PA shows. it is difficult to pinpoint a favourite memory. I once dreamt that Frank Turner and Tim Armstrong played at PA. Maybe that can be the memory I would like to happen. hahaha

What can fans expect from your set at Park Acoustics?

Well, last year we brought out a split EP with our CT friends THE SHABS, so we have some new tracks from that project and this year we plan to record a new full-length album, so we may experiment with some different tracks. We also like to change some of our songs and experiment with them. So expect intensity, fun, madness, confusion oh and heat!

Sunday jols are generally not a good idea, especially considering the fact that Monday hangovers are the worst. What is your best advice to cure a hangover?

Watch Hangover 3 first and work your way backward. By the time you get to the first HANGOVER film, you will feel right as rain.