Fancy another psychologically-driven horror game to keep you up at night? RYM Games looks to have one for you in their newly-announced game, The Conjuring House, which just that you’re aware, has no connection to the film franchise. Set for release this September, The Conjuring House “puts players in a constant state of anxiety that crescendos into raw panic and terror.”

You play as a journalist sent to document a team of mediums and parapsychologists that were sent to the now-abandoned Victorian house to find more information regarding the death of the house’s owner. Naturally, all of the team mysteriously disappears, leaving you as the sole survivor. Now it’s up to you to escape the house with your life and sanity intact.

The game allows you to progress in a non-linear fashion throughout the house, allowing you to take one of a couple of paths during your playthrough. Quests can be tackled in any order, but keep in mind that just because an area that you once covered was “safe” the first time, doesn’t mean that it won’t be that way the next time. Expect demon dolls, reanimated corpses and a mysterious woman who appears randomly to mess with your head.

Dripping with atmosphere, The Conjuring House might be the thing for those looking to get their psychological horror fix.

Via Bloody Disgusting