Friday night I made my way to a cinema to watch a movie called Project X, it was from producer Todd Phillips whose work can be seen in Old School and The Hangover.

The movie is shot in a Cloverfield, Blair Witch way without all the crying and monsters. Before the movie started there was some intro about how the producers want to apologize for the residents of Pasadena for all the noise and wrong doings.

It starts with three friends (Thomas, Costa and JB) organizing a house party on Thomas’s 17th birthday when his parents go away for the weekend, as any teenager would do. But the problem is, all of them are not the most popular people in school, even Thomas’s dad admits his son is somewhat of a loser. So it happens that a lot of people show up, imagine Hatfield on a busy night or a Saturday night at Oppikoppi. The party gets absolutely crazy with the neighborhood being half burned down, police trying to stop a riot, a midget with a bad temper in an oven, two DJ’s in the house, Thomas’s dads Mercedes driven into the pool, a lot of drugs being taken and a lot of topless girls for eye candy. It is basically the party that you would want to be at, but not at YOUR house.

I personally enjoyed the movie, and had a few laughs; it even made me remember some worthy house parties that I went to. If you are a parent I would highly suggest that you don’t go and watch this and if you are teenager that likes to party, check it out for some awesome ideas.

Tell him the truth, your dad will understand