Till Saturday afternoon I didn’t believe in house parties anymore, they were a thing of the past, like a sleeping beast that couldn’t be awoken again, how fucking wrong was I. That beast awoke with such a vengeance that it left a house in disarray on Sunday morning. It was an old school party like dare I say it, the good old times. The golden years where partying in a house like there was no tomorrow was strict order of business on the weekend. No standing in lines at a bar or a line to the bathroom, oh fuck wait! There was a line to the bathroom actually, there is something you don’t see everyday.

Why is there a potplant on the bed?

My first impression of the party was the amount of vehicles in the street leading up to the house, and the music blaring full blast from the open front door. Alcohol was consumed like crazy when we entered; we got offered Jagermeister as soon as the first sip of Brandy was consumed. If a party starts like that, there is no fucking going back. From that on it got a bit blurry as more and more alcohol went into my face and shots disappeared into the night.

It was truly a house party like a house party should have been, I can honestly say that the ones I went to these past couple of years let me down completely, but Project B as it was named (Brian Williams was the birffday boy in case you didn’t know) was fucking incredible. There were a lot of people, the music did not disappoint, the celebration could be felt in the atmosphere and the ladies were fucking hot.

Welcome to the Master Chef kitchen….say what

The house was in a complete state the next morning, I felt bad for the poor guy because the floors were more sticky than a strip club and for some or weird reason there was Metro tape covering the whole inside of the house (see the pics), I don’t know what happened there. Was there a raid, was there a crime scene or was the house just cautioned off because an accident happened??

Lights were broken, there was a pot plant on the bed where a person should have been sleeping and I heard that Brian got thrown into his closet when he passed out and in doing so fucking it up completely. Half of Hartebeespoort dam was also underneath the pool table on Sunday morning; again I don’t know what happened…. But to top it all off, I am putting in a few pictures of the aftermath and the next morning’s breakfast hangover/drunk pizza expedition where some naughty words were written on a piece of paper.

Update: I got asked to remove the picture with the piece of paper where the words were written on, so if you see me and want to see the photo just ask for it.

Thanks Brian for an awesome party, hope to do it again soon, you made me believe in house parties again. Project B was a fucking success!

Written by Ed