“Pretoria is dead”

Over the past few years we’ve heard more than a few people claiming that our beloved Snor City is dead. “There’s nothing all that great to see, there’s nowhere cool to just have a drink, nowhere to watch awesome acts, and the people are a little too rof.”

Look, we know that our great city may not be as “sophisticated” and metropolitan as Johannesburg, or have a great ocean view like Durban, or even a magnificent mountain watching over its residents, but our fair Pretoria does have other amazing things to offer.

Starting off in the Northern parts, we have the Wolmer Bush Lounge. It might be located in the “gatkant” of Snor City, but it’s still one of the best jols in Pretoria. The friendliest metalheads, as well as the Van der Walt clan will accept you with open arms. Just don’t be part of a violent bike gang (yes, Pretoria still has some of those in secluded areas). Pretoria North is also known for it’s “rowwe” people, and fanatic Blou Bul supporters. It gets bad over weekends, but it won’t hurt to have a little “gees” when Bulls take the field. We know it’s not the best thing about Pretoria, but it makes Pretoria stand out. Loftus is a mecca for every single rugby supporter in the world. The atmosphere around the stadium on a Saturday is electric-dynamite.

Moving on from the North, we have the city central. African Beer Emporium is busy with something very special next to the State Theatre. We were there a few weeks ago, and it blew our minds. The rumbling bumbling of the city, and then all of a sudden a beautiful place to take the family on a weekend, right next to Market at the Sheds. It’s a must-see for anyone who likes to experience a piece of solid Pretoria. You can even check out the astounding Union Buildings, even if you don’t agree with our current government. It’s a nice place to have a walk, and even take in South Africa’s rich history. Also, Pokemon Go.

From there, we head over to the East with an abundance of attractions. Capital Craft, Park Acoustics (every last Sunday of the month), Arcade Empire, Aandklas, the Botanical Gardens and even the Atterbury Theatre. The jols are strong in Pretoria every single weekend (school nights as well). Gooi a turn at Capital Craft for beer heaven, or if you want to dance and listen to the best local tunes, Aandklas or Arcade Empire should be first on your list. There are many more places to check out, food in your belly-moments will be all around you when travelling the Jakaranda streets. There’s no place like it.

We’re part of a skateboarding generation, and there are a ton of sweet spots located in the west. Thrashers (yes, we still call it Thrashers), Pretoria West (secret spot) and the city. It’s the best! Trust us.

Pretoria is a fun-filled place of blasty-blast fun. You can never go wrong when you’re in Snor City. There are also loads of local bra’s you would want to hang out with. You’ll never have a frown on your face when you’re partying with the Capital-guys, Baas de Beer, Henno Kruger, Van der Walt brothers, us, Die Masjiene, the Arcade-crowd, Rudi, Pedro, Aandklas locals, Park-lovers, the metalheads, the Loftus faithful… Ai, the whole of Pretoria is party central. That’s a Why Ed guarantee! Pretoria, we love you!

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