If you’re looking for the next-gen Roller Coaster Tycoon this is it. The team behind Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 delivered a game that elevates the series beyond any past entry, and will be incredibly hard to top in the future. We’d like to introduce, Planet Coaster!

In addition to the limitless world shaping and customization to the point where you can build an entire building from scratch using custom assets if you so choose…the community is fantastic. We’re one of those guys who tries to build great stuff and does “okay” but these free downloadable rides and buildings from some creators are just unreal.

Unlike the massive spaceflight sandbox game, Planet Coaster is more down to earth where you’re in charge of creating your own theme park. The game doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but the developers created one more trailer to celebrate the launch.

Planet Coaster is based on three principals: create, manage, and share. When you first see your park, it’s obviously empty. However, you can sculpt the terrain to fit your needs and build sidewalks, shops, and rides from scratch. You can also grab assets from other players if you don’t want to spend too much time creating the park.
Once your theme park is up and running, you’ll have to manage it. This includes hiring workers to keep the park clean and creating different rides so that attendees of all ages are happy when they visit. You’ll also need to create some revenue so a few well-placed shops will let people buy souvenirs or food.

Check out the impressive trailer below: