Photo bombing has become a trend amongst a lot of people these days, but some of them were there before the start of time, photo bombing every chance they got. But some of them out there has an absolute knack of getting in the picture, one way or another they will get in the shot, but one reigns supreme above all, Poena.

He has a gift of being in the wrong picture at the right time, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is in that Paris Hilton sex tape lurking in the background, with his shirt pulled up to his neck exposing his Afrit stomach. Last night Shaun Teles and I had a very amusing conversation about Poena and his skill to be in almost every photo, going through our Oppikoppi photos I noticed that he is the person that features the most in the album. How the fuck does he do it? Shaun decided that he had to make a few fake photo bombs with Poena of which some of them seem so real and natural. What also followed was a debate that if Photo bombing was an Olympic sport, who would Poena be, Usian Bolt or Michael Phelps? Which ever one he was, he would be already having the gold medal around his neck and standing on the podium cheering on his applause.

Eventually one day in the faaaarrrr future I will probably take my wedding photos and who will be there to bomb it in the background? Yes you guessed it, Poena, and I wouldn’t mind a bit 🙂

I am not putting in a small gallery; I need to show you the awesomeness of epic photo bombing in bigger and better view.