LUSH Festival returns to Clarens over Easter Weekend from 18 to 20 April and this year the festival welcomes a brand new home. Noah’s Cheese on the farm Node, located just outside of Clarens, is the spacious new location for LUSH.

Life is all about experiences. Savouring beauty. Finding hidden treasures. Creating memories with family and friends. This year’s Lush Festival showcases some of the most amazing experiences imaginable that will leave your soul spellbound.

The live performance line-up for this year’s LUSH Festival is a stellar one with the initial announcement of Wheatus, Youngr, Kim Churchill, and Juzzie Smith who have been confirmed as the international live acts and the local line-up seeing Spoegwolf, Jeremy Loops, Goodluck, Jo Black, TiMO ODV, PHFAT, Shortstraw, Refentse, Desmond & The Tutus, The World Of Birds, Hellcats, Cockles., Tazers, and Gunshot Blue announced as the first of many to take to the various stages at LUSH.

LUSH – A Festival In Clarens – Presented by KykNET and Sunday Times
18, 19 & 20 April 2019
Location: Noah’s Cheese Farm, Clarens
Tickets on sale 

With that said, I had a chat with PHFAT ahead of the #jol…

Hi there. You released ‘Suedes’ last year which blew up and easily became one of my favourite PHFAT songs, yet it’s quite different compared to your older songs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the meaning behind it feels deeper and more personal. What inspired this change?

Damn… straight to the deep shit… Uhm… yeah… I spent a fair bit of time last year finding my meaning in music again. It involved facing a couple of personal demons. I guess the question being posed to me was “Do you want to go through everything it takes to become the musician that your potential holds?”… Ultimately the answer was yes (which is a far deeper answer than its simplicity would imply) but in the process of getting to that answer I made ‘Suedes’.

Just after you released ‘Suedes’ you had your very first PHFAT European Tour in September last year. Tell us more about that. Was it everything you hoped it would be?

It was incredible… one of the best months of my life. It honestly felt like stepping on stage for the first time. It completely re-inspired me, to be honest… I came back completely recharged and got set to working on this next EP.

You’re becoming a regular at Lush Festival, seeing as it’s your third year in a row performing there. Do you have any advice for newbie festival-goers about Lush?

Well, I guess the main feature this year would be the new venue. Last year I’d have said, “bring your gumboots, lets party!” This year I’d say “lets party!”

It’s quite a trip to Lush seeing as Clarens is almost in the middle of nowhere and a lot of mountains. What’s your favourite thing about this festival? What makes the drive worth it for you?

That whole drive is fucking epic fam. Like… if you head even a little bit South of Clarens you end up in paradise… I love that whole drive… At some point, I’m planning to step off the radar for a month or two as a holiday to explore South Africa… The whole area is on my list to get deep into!

What would you say is your ultimate road trip song?

I find I usually get into whole albums when I do road trips… each road trip has its own sound. Sometimes it’s a Kendrick Lamar album, sometimes it’s a Disney movie soundtrack… We each have to find our own soundtrack…