Sundays are not just for Saturday’s shenanigans catching up with you, known best as a hangover, or staying in bed because the bleak reality of Monday being the next day is seeping in. Thanks to Park Acoustics, we get to have a whole new outlook on a Sunday; filled with drinks, music, and laughter.

As we exited the bus and made our way through the narrow archway that led into the gem that is Park Acoustics’ venue, with a breathtakingly beautiful view of Pretoria’s city in the distance, we heard our favourite host Nqoba “King Nqoba” Ngcobo welcoming the crowd in an intimate “this is where strangers become best friends” manner.

Our first treat for the day was The Ceramics, a fun indie rock band from Jolburg. Their music made the crowd forget about having a blue lazy Sunday, talk about an instant hangover cure! I would definitely recommend that people keep an eye out for this band. They did a great cover of an Arctic Monkeys song and their own music makes you want to do anything but be idle.

Unfortunately, I was one of those stubborn souls who was still in denial about Winter being over and it officially becoming Spring again, thus, I did not listen to Park Acoustics’ advice to pack some sunscreen in my bag. The result was; while We Are Charlie sang their fantastically catchy song: “Let’s Stare At The Sun”, I felt the sun staring directly at me, painting my face a pretty prawn pink colour. Nevertheless, We Are Charlies’ enticing sounds kept us moving.

After touring in Germany, Pretoria finally had the pleasure of welcoming Native Young upon the Park Acoustics’ stage for the first time. Their unique sound is absolutely breathtaking and the nature of their act was different from any performance I have ever seen or heard of. They instantly made me aware of how good the quality of a Sunday spent at Park Acoustics really is, giving you a chance to refuel your soul while spending quality time in an aesthetic place with quality people. I know I am definitely not alone when saying they should return again soon.

The heat grew more intense, making the crowd even more slothful. Luckily the gypsy with a hint of rock, Crimson House, came on stage and reminded the crowd that we were all there to dance and sing uncontrollably. Their take on “Spider-Pig” quickly caught on with the crowd, leaving not one person silent or still.

Well appropriate with the atmospheric conditions, the popular Bikini Weather singing-band, Shortstraw, came on stage as people gathered around to share the moment. They played all of their hit songs, including Keanu Reeves and Couch Potato, giving the crowd a chance to sing at the top of their lungs while moving and grooving with the people close to them.

Sadly the day had to end and the reality of our lazy Park Acoustics’ Sunday being over had to pour in. Now, the countdown till our next lazy Sunday starts all over again.

Photos by Henry Engelbrecht, you can check out the full album here.