Afternoon all you beautiful readers! It’s with great sadness that I now bid you farewell for a couple of days.

As you should all know already, I’m headed to Oppikoppi, and after that, I’ll also be taking a few days off – from life and regrettably, Why Ed. I really really REALLY need a vacation as I’ve been posting non-stop for the past couple of months. I’m fucking tired. And I believe a well-deserved break is in order. I’ll be rejuvenating my soul and liver in Northam for the next few days.

Tank will hopefully be keeping you entertained with a post or two over the next few weeks [don’t get your hopes up – Tank], and as for me, the only thing I’ll be updating is my Oppikoppi Festival review next (maybe) week.

With all of this said, I bid you a fine farewell (again), and thank you all for the monumental support! We honestly appreciate it!

See you at the top bar!

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