With Oppikoppi approaching at rapid speed, and with tension building all around us, we can only get excited as hell for the festival! It’s around the dusty corner, and prawns from in and around South Africa are already busy stocking up and giving their livers a pep talk. With this in mind, we thought we should ask a few Oppikoppi artists a couple of questions about the festival.

We had a chat with Mark Woolfrey from OHGOD about Oppikoppi, and here’s what he had to say:

Photo by Laura Mccullagh

What can the fans expect from OHGOD at Oppikoppi?

A whole lot of space sounds and energy! Basically, one big cosmic trip to end the night off with. We want to bring the pretty and the noise.

Why do you think Oppikoppi is still such a big festival in South Africa?

It is a festival that has stood the test of time. It’s been there since the start really, so people have gotten to know what it’s all about. Oppikoppi is almost a right of passage as far as festivals go. People are always talking about the last Oppi they went to or remember that year where this happened. It’s also just a massive beast with a diverse lineup.

Do you guys have a plan to survive the dusty festival that is Oppikoppi?

Well, we had some good practice in Cape Town with the water shortages Haha. Although wet wipes and something warm is always a winner. Also always make use of the buddy system.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you before or after a show?

Hmmm, tough one. People have given us some pretty weird conversations if that counts? Material wise we got given our own set list once.

Which band would you most like to have a few beers with at Oppikoppi this year, and why?

Probably Southern Wild & BRYNN they are some good homies from the Cape Town land. Then also Vulvodynia because you can’t not love those dudes. There is actually quite a few bands we would love to have a few beers with, so can we have one beer with a few bands rather?

If you could describe Oppikoppi in one movie quote, what would it be?

“My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. ”

Any words for people who always complain about the line-up of the festival?

Everyone is different and times change. Just because you may not like something doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole bunch of people who do. Just be a dude, not a dick. Why not support something that’s bigger than you.

We would like to thank OHGOD for their time. Be sure to check them out when they rock Koppi this year!