With Oppikoppi Odyssey approaching at rapid speed, and with tension building all around us, we can only get excited as hell for the festival! It’s around the dusty corner, and prawns from in and around South Africa are already busy stocking up and giving their livers a pep talk. With this in mind, we thought we should ask a few Oppikoppi festival-goers a couple of questions about the festival, and delve into some of their past experiences.

We had the privilege to ask Lord Wolmer a few questions about Oppikoppi. In case you didn’t know, Heine van der Walt is the head honcho of Wolmer Bush Lounge in Pretoria North. He’s also the front-man for Boargazm who will be playing a set at Oppikoppi at the Wesley’s Dome, Thursday at 9pm.

Heine van der Walt

Henry Engelbrecht Photography

1. Do you think Oppikoppi is the best festival in South Africa at the moment? ?

– Absolutely, and not just at the moment, but of all time since I’ve been going, which has been forever. I’ve lost count to how many I’ve been to, but it’s close to 18, counting the Easter ones back in the day too… This year is particularly insane, I have never been this excited for a local line-up. Legacies pappa! Legacies. Voel asof ek weer by die ‘Tuned’ een daar by Fountains Valley gaan wees… Nostalgia…

2. If you had no choice but to run in the naked mile this year, do you have a full proof plan for winning?

– Ankle-taps, lots and lots of ankle taps.

3. Boargazm will be playing a set at Oppikoppi, so are there any pre-show rituals you guys go through before going on stage

– Aside from huffing a paper bag full of bacon, we like to… uhm… no wait… that’s our only ritual really.

4. Wolmer Bush Lounge has a very similar vibe to Oppikoppi – it’s in the bush and you can get fucking dirty. So, does Oppikoppi feel like a home away from home for you?

– Nope, I can focus at home. Daar by Oppikoppi kap ek flat-speed horries. It’s intense, exciting, very social, hilarious, fun, nostalgic, emotional. The food, the smell, the people, but most importantly, the music. You can just let go of anything and everything, getting transported to the world of the performer for that brief period… Horries.

5. What’s the best place to get some food into your belly at Oppikoppi, and why?

-Definitely the only two places I’m gonna chow are Ellisras Pizza, and Al’s Shawarmas. Man, Ellisras Pizza is still the best bloody pizza I have ever had in my life. Sulke regte Ninja-Turtle pizzas. And Al’s Shawarmas are made with a lot of love, you feel it.

6. Do you have any backstage/media area stories that you’ve been keeping from the world? If so, please elaborate!

– The other night our drummer Jason, with finesse, moered into an ice-tub. Then there are open bars, the bane of my existence. The after parties are usually when shit gets really weird, I’m not at liberty to elaborate on that.
Heine van der Walt Boargazm

7. What can we expect from Boargazm at Oppikoppi? Will there be a few surprises on stage?

– There are definitely a lot of surprises, not just a few. This is has got to be one of the most important shows in Boargazm’s career, so we are really bringing our A-game and giving it everything we’ve got, yet still keep our essence and soul. We are rehearsing really hard, have a lot more material from the new album, which some will be able to get their hands on. Without giving too much away I will say this: This is not something you want to miss, and if you see it you will know why!

We would like to thank Heine for his time and advice regarding Oppikoppi! Oppikoppi will be from the 7th to 9th of August this year. Be sure not to miss Boargazm at Wesley’s Dome on Thursday night! See you there!