Another year, another Koppi passed. And now I can’t wait for the next one…You know the feeling. Here’s my take on South Africa’s biggest and greatest music festival (I’ll try to take you through my Bewilder Beast experience… the parts I can vaguely recall).

It started as every adventure should start; a car, friends, enough booze to give Oktoberfest the chills, and high expectations. We got out of “Snor City Norfff” on Wednesday morning, around 5 o’clock, with a mild “babelas” – yes we got the party started the evening before – and headed to Norffham Rock City. We stopped at the KFC (as one should), and proceeded to enter the dusty gates of Mordor to become prawns. Yeah us!

We got our tents pitched up with dusty winds crippling our efforts, but we already dug halfway into our coolers so no worries. With tents pitched up and drinks already poured, we soaked in the Norffham sun and got the party started! Not much went on in District 9 on Wednesday, except people walking around aimlessly trying to figure out where the fuck all the tent hotels came from, and setting up our portable shower… Fokken Netjies. One of our campers passed out in the middle of the day, and a camping chair broke without anyone sitting on it… maybe it already gave up – just like our livers! The night consisted of drinking, sharing past Oppikoppi stories, laughing, and making “aangename kennis” with BOB. BOB was in every campsite – the thorn bush that had more victims than Jaws – and he made quite a lot of passersby shout “Eina fok, hy het my!”


Thursday morning; wake up, check, drinks poured, dreading the sunlig…wait! Overcast? A new addition to Oppikoppi, well played.

I was greeted by a tiny tent pitched up right on my doorstep, and another one pitched in our backyard; don’t know how that was planned, but okay, no worries because the entertainment area was open to be infiltrated by Mordor prawns and the like. We got our faces stuffed with breakfast, and set off to explore our surroundings. We had a few drinks… alright, I’m lying… we had a lot of drinks. I missed bands who I wanted to see, and ended up catching “Straatligkinders” while we rolled down the rope thing next to the Koppi, and also caught the first part of “CrashCarBurn”. One of our campers was in a very intoxicated state; he fell through hell and came back, got fucked up by the Koppi by stumbling into every single prawn, and then fell through BOB. He also got lost and then reappeared with danger tape around him…? “Fokofpolisiekar” took the last slot on Thursday night at the big stages, and we could hear them from our campsite; the fans were singing louder than Francios van Coke! Even Sun City could probably hear the set.

By Friday morning, we headed into the entertainment area clad with jackets and sunglasses. We got food and drinks, and then got a glimpse of the naked dash. We then made our way up to the Ray Ban area – and top bar – for some chilled tunes. I’ve been to 7 Oppikoppi’s, and never went to the top bar (yes, slap me across the face) and then we drenched our throats in Vodka Slushies, and also a few Vodka & Red Bull’s. We talked shit, and I caught up with Henno Kruger (from Running Wolf’s Rant) and Baas de Beer (from BaasDeBeer’s Blog). Eventually, after quite a while, we got back to our campsite and noticed that we had lost chairs, stolen actually. The one chair came back… maybe it got homesick? Next year I’m roll bolting my chair to the campsite!

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch “Bittereinder”, “Jack Parow” or “Die Heuwels Fantasies”, but we could still hear them from our campsite, and yet again Sun City got another set that they could hear. Then the Ninja came out of nowhere. This obviously drunk guy, kept stating that he was a Ninja, and said that he had been watching us for 20 minutes from the shadows… we laughed and congratulated him – we thought it was the end of that, but out of nowhere, we found him in our campsite early morning, sitting like an umpire just watching us… Oppikoppi in a nutshell!

Saturday morning… The last day at Oppi, and I was a very sad panda. We did the municipality worker thing on the luscious green grass in front of the stages, and poured drinks yet again. We then got to see Jeremy Loops, and fuck was it a good show! I am an avid fan. His energy was amazing and got me dancing to his tunes. We then refilled at our campsite and saw this awesome Harlem Shake imitation:


And then the shit hit the fan, some guys walked pass and mistook a camper and his lady arguing and thought he was hitting her. They then pepper sprayed the guy and his lady in the face and hit her with a thorn bush while they punched him… With the whole commotion going on we got our legs to Yellowcard, they were incredible and delivered a solid punk rock show. And then we got the pleasure of hearing Deftones and the humongous crowd that they had. We finished off the night with drinks and then got into bed, Oppikoppi won yet again!

Sunday morning came and I wanted to go home, but knew that as soon as I step into my house I would be sad to be back. We followed the dust storm back to civilization and got depressed knowing that Oppikoppi 2014 is more than 300 days away. It was yet again an awesome time and I did high five the sacred Oppikoppi ground for showing me that we shouldn’t take everything so seriously and just have fun. Baie Dankie Oppi…….KOOOPPPPIIII!!!

And yet again I need to thank people that came with: Shané, Allain, Ruan, Poena, Pieter (1), Angi, Cherise, Makro, Markus, Callas, Tanya, Pierre, Jagerbomb, Pieter (2), Bonita, Niel, Michelle, Ballie and obviously me!